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erejean kisses by ouka

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Anonymous said: I like this boy but I'm a lot taller than him and I don't want my friends to think it's weird. i know you ship Levihan and Hange is taller but do u think it's the same irl? i know it shouldn't matter what my friends think. I don't want this guy to be uncomfortable though either.




just go for it lovely; you can’t stop yourself dating who you want based on what other people think -  nobody would date anyone ever if we abide by other peoples ideals of what makes a good couple.

I’ve dated dudes shorter than me, and my best friend cass is married to a guy who is much shorter than her and they’re seriously the most beautiful and adorable fucking couple I have ever witnessed.

the important thing is just owning it; be confident about each other and your height difference and embrace the perks like - you can carry him to bed, he might be the perfect height to nuzzle his head in your boobs, you can use his head as a cute chin-rest, he’s easier to give piggy-back rides to, and hugs with shorter dudes feel awesome, trust me. honestly, as soon as you and your partner just work with it and own it, people won’t even care; they’ll think you’re adorable and you will be. with my friend cass and her shorter husband, I dont even notice their height difference, I’m just like “CUTE COUPLE ALERT HOLY SHIT” every time I see them. and I thought that the first night I met them because they were just running around (drunk at the time), holding hands, making each other laugh and all I thought was “I WANT TO HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE”, they’re perfect.

you gotta think of it as you’re an amazonian goddess and he’s a fucking cute ass guy who’ll proudly throw his arm around your waist and be like

I know I’m gratuitously using levihan here but hear me out: a dude I was keen on earlier this year was about 10cms shorter than me and he liked me too but he was insecure about being shorter. But he also watched SNK so I showed him some of my levihan fanart on my phone when we were at a party and he was like “okay you clearly don’t have a problem with our height difference” and basically I got some by the end of the night. So just be confident and work that height difference. It really shouldn’t be an issue, and should definitely not stop you from dating someone you like.  

You’re adorable Soph. Be proud anon, she’s right…short dudes give the best hugs.



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remember when

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Tbh I think the biggest reason I can’t ship eruri or erwin with anybody really is because I basically headcanon him as asexual, like I feel like his ambitions are more important than any type of love or anything

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From [AOT]log by vvim

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get the fuck out

I want Plankton to plow my ass into the 4th dimension, I want my ass to be the reason he doesn’t give up when he fails to steal the krabby patty formula, I want you to send me to bikini bottom with 40 tanks of oxygen cause I’m gonna be on that dick for 40 days and 40 nights and then some I don’t give a fuck I’ll die riding that dick

please calm down ma’m

I’m a guy

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Gou imitating Rei  (⌐□_□)*・゜゚・*☆
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Team Samezuka in one picture

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I think this is so important.

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Free! Eternal Summer Episode 4 Endcard

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